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NIN-Army Logoninhurt™ has created a website dedicated to Nine Inch Nails fans called “NIN-Army”. The site encourages it’s members to get involved with creative projects that are associated with the music and imagery of NIN. The site contains news feeds, forums, remix sections, videos, image galleries etc.

ninhurt  has been a prolific and inspirational contributor to the Nine Inch Nails remix portal and his passion and dedication to the work of  Trent Reznor is well known to the community. I have been asked to edit/moderate the remix section of NIN-Army, so if you have any remixes that you would like to have featured then please get in touch.

So, get yourselves over to NIN-Army.com and get involved!



NIN re-mixer: ninhurt™

ninhurt is a prolific and gifted artist that has produced some amazing work on www.remix.nin.com
You can now find all his remixes available for download in one handy pack that also includes custom artwork.