TweakerRay: The Collector Chapter 02

Fellow producer and Nine Inch Nails remix artist TweakerRay has just released his new album, entitled “The Collector: Chapter 02”. This is a brand new 13 track collection of original material, all of which was written, produced, engineered and performed by the man himself. Track 01, “Intro” features a speech that was written and performed by The B.S of D and track 04, “Status Report Sgt Q” features vocals by Freshoil. Both of these guests performers will be familiar names to NIN remix fans.

The album is a follow-up to his first 3 track E.P “The Collector: Chapter 01” which was released in September of 2010.  One of the tracks that appeared on Chapter 01, “You Have To Rock” was remixed by myself and it is now available for FREE here, so get yourself a copy now!

This new album includes a beautiful 12 page full colour booklet, which includes lyrics and artwork that helps tell the story of the themes contained within the music. This is the first TweakerRay release to be made available on physical media (CD) in a limited edition run of 500 copies. The album is also available in digital format from itunes, Amazon and the FiXT online store. Both physical and digital versions of the Deluxe Edition also come with early demos of the songs, along with some great commentary tracks which definitely give the listener some valuable insights into TweakerRay’s writing and production process.

Over the years, TweakerRay has released dozens of excellent free tracks and remixes to the world. This album is a result of months of hard work and dedication to his craft and the resulting record is packed with outstanding material that I can highly recommend to fans of his previous work. Check out the preview below to get a taste of TweakerRay’s latest and greatest creation, or for more information visit

To order the LIMITED EDITION DELUXE CD with 12 Page booklet click [ Here ]

You can also get the MP3 DELUXE Version with PDF Booklet click [ Here ] or at [ FiXT Store ]

Get the Normal Edition Mp3s (Just the 13 Tracks without Bonus) at [ Amazon ] or at [ Itunes ]

Check out the artwork from “The Collector – Chapter 02” below:

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