How To Destroy Angels – How Long (Binary Audio Mix)

Here is my latest remix of How To Destroy Angels “How Long”. This mix has been entered into the “Welcome Oblivion” remix contest at Indaba Music. This was a lot of fun to do but getting the vocals to fit with what I wanted took a long time. I wanted to try something radical with the chorus section to make it challenging and hopefully to produce something that has a different feel to the original. The synth parts were produced by using a mixture of analog and digital synthesis, mainly from the Virus TI and the Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver.

I only used the original vocals from the provided parts. All the other elements of this remix were created by myself. It was mixed and mastered in Cubase 6.
If you like this remix then please visit Indaba HERE, leave a comment (if you like) and click on the Vote Now button! As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

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