ABiCA – Numb

For the last 12 months or so, I have been working on 4 tracks for an American band called “ABiCA“.

“ABiCA is an independent music group from Algonquin, Illinois. The group is comprised of two members: TAC & HASH. Although they don’t like to confine their music to a specific label or genre, their sound can mainly be defined as hip-hop with heavy rock and industrial influences. The duo pride themselves on their ability to cohesively blend catchy hip-hop rhythms and guitar riffs with deep, emotional lyrics. And unlike most modern groups, ABiCA’s music draws directly from REAL life experiences – something their fans truly appreciate.”

The 4 tracks that I have produced can be found on their new album “Numb”. The record is available through iTunes, Amazon and  My Favorite Band. Myself and Janne Jarvis, who was my writing partner for the project, created all the musical elements of the tracks, whilst Abica focused their creative powers on the  lyrics and vocal production. The tracks were produced by Binary Audio, with strong input from TAC & HASH.  Track 2 on the album, “Tell Us Why” features chorus vocals from Janne, Jarvis, who took time out from his own amazing band “Hate Gallery” to contribute to this record.

Numb also contains 3 tracks produced by remix wizard TweakerRay, who is well known for his excellent Nine Inch Nails remixes, as well as prize winning works on FiXT Remix.com.

You can find a taste of all four Binary Audio produced tracks in the player below. If you like what you hear, then follow the links to the various online retailers and get yourself a copy of the tracks today!

Buy “Numb” on Amazon and iTunes

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